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Reimagining Crisis Support: Matrix, Roadmap and Policy

Reimagining Crisis Support: Matrix, Roadmap and Policy


Reimagining Crisis Support aims to shift the conversation about personal crisis from one based in mental health discourse to one based in a social model of disability and human rights. 


The book's primary thesis is that crisis support can be reimagined as support for decision-making and maintaining an independent life in the community - as provided for under Articles 12 and 19 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  Community-based, non-discriminatory conflict resolution and violence prevention are complementary to crisis support but are distinct as they involve more than one person's needs and interests at the same time.​


The book explains its key premises and sets out some elements of decision-making support for personal crisis, then explores the Matrix of rights and implementation measures set out in the Convention that provide a scaffolding for a social, human rights-based approach to crisis support.


It then provides a Roadmap of aspirational transformations and strategies that are needed to create the conditions in which reimagined crisis support can be meaningfully realized.  These range from large-scale social justice aims such as Democratize Knowledge and Strengthen Communitarian Practices to Tools such as 'Pilot projects' and 'Evaluate existing support practices'.


A section on Policy addresses key issues for translating the model presented into national policy.  This should be read in conjunction with the chapter on Implementation: Legislative Reform that is included in the Matrix section.


This book is intended for diverse audiences from policymakers to grassroots activists.  It is grounded in both a US context (inevitably as the personal informs the political) and wider perspectives from global networking.  

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